Robert F. Ferrara brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and a formidable track record of outstanding results and experience to bear on each new case handled by Ferrara Law Offices, P.C.  With the experience of formerly working with larger law firms, Robert F. Ferrara, by design, crafted the practice environment of Ferrara Law Offices, P.C. to give more personalized and individualized attention to each client. Consequently, clients benefit from a lawyer who will be directly working for you without layers of bureaucracy, junior associates, paralegals, and secretaries standing between you and your lawyer. When selecting a personal injury lawyer, consider asking prospective lawyers what some might opine to be the hard questions, and measure the responses carefully. Some of the questions you may consider asking are:

​01. What was the largest settlement offer you ever rejected?

When the stakes get high, do you want a lawyer who will cut-and-run when a significant but undervalued offer to settle is on the table. No.  You want a lawyer who will stand tall against multi-billion dollar companies and insurance companies, stare their lawyers in the eyes and reject an undervalued offer with the intention to either settle for the appropriate value or proceed to trial. A lawyer’s willingness to recommend that a client walk away from a significant, but undervalued offer, is the sign of a lawyer who is willing to push a case to reach its true value.

02. Are you willing to take my case to trial based upon the facts you see here at the initial consultation?

People might be shocked to know that many lawyers engage clients with the intention that they are not willing to take to case to trial.  Many of these same lawyers take the last, or first, offer prior to trial. When interviewing a lawyer, the answer to this question may expose not only how the lawyer assesses your case, but the lawyer’s level of commitment to your case.

03.  Who will be working-up my case? Will it be worked-up by lead counsel, a junior lawyer, a paralegal or a secretary?

Apart from the underlying facts of a case and the applicable law, cases can be won or lost by the slightest misstep in answering discovery, dealing with experts, communication with experts or witnesses and/or by communicating an inconsistent trial theme in any of the pleadings, discovery, depositions and pretrial motions.  Ferrara Law Offices, P.C., by design, has limited its practice areas and volume of cases so that one person will be 100% responsible for working-up your case from engagement through trial; the firm owner Robert F. Ferrara. This individualized approach can benefit clients and the outcome of cases by avoiding some of the above-described pitfalls.

04. What types of experts do you intend to employ to prosecute my case?

This question will quickly expose the framework and trial strategy of the lawyer assessing your case.  At the initial meeting with a client, every good trial lawyer should be able to identify the legal theories implicated by the fact pattern discussed. As a corollary, every good trial lawyer should be quickly able to identify and articulate the types of experts the case will need to support the theories of liability.

05. Who is your typical client?

Ferrara Law Offices, P.C. represents all persons who have matters which fit within the criteria of cases which the firm handles. However, it is significant that Ferrara Law Offices, P.C. has developed a reputation so that people who are generally “in the know”, including first-responders, police officers and experts in certain fields, seek-out Robert F. Ferrara in their time of need. Indeed, those who are on the front-line of disasters, and see the facts, legal obstacles and results of those cases, are usually the same people who seek-out Robert F. Ferrara at a time of disaster involving themselves. A lawyer’s reputation to earn the respect of such people speaks volumes.