Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles can be fun. However, motorcycle accidents nearly always end with catastrophic results, injuries and the inability of the motorcycle occupants to tell their side of the story.

Ferrara Law Offices has achieved some of the largest multi-million dollar settlements in the greater Philadelphia area in prosecuting motorcycle accident cases.

Properly prosecuting a motorcycle accident case requires more than a mere understanding of personal injury law or presentation of an injury lawsuit.  To the contrary, in order to properly prosecute a motorcycle case, a lawyer must understanding the dynamics of motorcycle operation, safety, mechanics, accident avoidance techniques, counter steering, weight distribution and the “real world” of motorcycle operation.

It is no mistake that Attorney Robert F. Ferrara is a motorcycle enthusiast who has a lifetime of first-hand motorcycle operation experience.

Many motorcycle accidents occur because of the lack of motorcycle conspicuity-or the lack of being conspicuous. Indeed, many motorcycle accidents occur because automobile operators do not see motorcycle operators.  Not surprisingly, many of these same automobile operators blame the motorcycle operator for speeding by reasoning that the “motorcycle came out of nowhere”.

Ferrara Law offices uses the team approach of experts to dispel the myths and misunderstandings of motorcycle operation and the cause of motorcycle accidents.  Most of our motorcycle accident cases involve not only a highly skilled attorney, but highly skilled experts of human factors engineering, accident reconstruction and motorcycle safety and operation.

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