Medical Malpractice

The Institute of Medicine estimated as many as 98,000 people die every year because of preventable medical errors. If the Centers for Disease Control were to include preventable medical errors as a category, these conclusions would make it the sixth leading cause of death in America.  Medical malpractice cases are very expensive and time-consuming to pursue. If your case is accepted, Ferrara Law Offices will advance the expenses of litigation on behalf of our clients because most medical malpractice victims cannot afford to pay the expenses to bring such a case to trial. Expenses may include expert witness fees, court reporter fees and other litigation expenses which generally total between $25,000 and $100,000 to prosecute. Types of medical malpractice claims accept include:

» Anesthesia negligence
» Hospital Negligence
» Nursing Malpractice
» Physician’s Assistant Malpractice
» Negligent Emergency Room Treatment
» Wrongful Death Failure or Delay in Diagnosing Cancer
» Birth Injuries
» Brain Damage
» Surgical Negligence
» Cosmetic Surgery Mistakes
» Surgical Spinal Cord Injuries
» Cerebral Palsy Caused by Negligent Delivery of a Child

You Pay Nothing Until You Win, period.

If you not recover money, you pay nothing. Our fee in all personal injury cases is contingent upon a successful result, which means we will not be paid unless you get a settlement or court verdict. The fee is a percentage of the settlement or verdict. We advance all of the costs necessary to handle your case, and you will not be asked to reimburse us unless we are successful in recovering money for you.

Ferrara Law Offices understands that doctors are human and sometimes make mistakes causing minimal harm. However, many times a patient may suffer a bad outcome even though a doctor rendered excellent care. Not all mistakes give rise to a valid medical malpractice claim, and we will not accept a medical malpractice case unless you suffered a serious, life-changing injury caused by clearly inappropriate medical care.

If you suffered a severe injury causing permanent or long-term loss of function or death of a loved one because a health care professional did not provide proper care, call Ferrara Law Offices P.C. for a free no obligation consultation.