Drowning Injuries

Drowning Injuries can occur under a variety of circumstances, including swimming pools which may have been designed improperly.

In a specific case, Robert Ferrara participated in the representation the estate of an adult victim who was thought to merely have drowned. After the funeral, and with the victim’s family’s agreement, the deceased was exhumed from the grave and a private autopsy was performed revealing that the deceased suffered a C-2 compression fracture in his spine after diving into a pool.  The nature of the spinal injury caused immediate quadriplegia paralysis and it was proven that the victim suffered a horrible drowning death secondary to the spinal injury. Further investigation revealed that the pool was equipped with a diving board which, when properly used by the victim, over-launched the victim into a portion of the pool which was too shallow. Thus, the design of the pool, together with the design of the diving board, created an unreasonably dangerous situation and was deemed to collectively be defective.

A Wrongful Death & Survival Action was commenced the wrongdoers and the family recovered a substantial recovery.

Ferrara law offices, P.C. has prosecuted many death claims and has maximized the recovery to decedents.

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