Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries generally implicate one, if not more potential sources of recoveries for victims. When workers suffer workplace injuries on a construction site, within the course and scope of his employment, the worker more than likely has a workers compensation claim.  However, under Pennsylvania’s workers compensation laws, a workers compensation claim does not provide benefits for pain, suffering, loss of life’s pleasures, the true value of the economic loss or the affect of the injury on the non-injured spouse.  Rather, workers compensation claims only pay a percentage of the wages the employee received up to a certain point.  With all workplace injuries, a trial lawyer must always evaluate whether there is a potential third party case which would open the door for recoveries otherwise barred by the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Statute. 

For example,  was the injury caused by a defective piece of equipment such as a ladder, crane, hoist, conveyor, tractor, forklift, machine, product defect or the negligence of another.  Severe injuries to construction workers are devastating.  Since construction work is usually heavy duty and there is frequently no light or moderate duty work available, a serious injury can mean a loss of career and economic stability. Since tradesmen are usually well paid and have excellent benefits, it’s almost impossible for the injured worker to find a comparable job. Indeed, many households end up in divorce over this tragedy because of the financial stress.

If you are a loved one was injured at work construction accident, it is important to hire the right attorney to determine the responsible parties, particularly if the injury is involving:

» Aerial lift accidents
» Catwalk accidents
» Crane accidents
» Crush injuries
» Chemical exposure
» Electric shock injuries
» Electrocutions
» Equipment failures
» Explosions falling debris accidents
» Falls through uncovered openings fires
» Ladder falls lift failures roof falls
» Scaffolding failures
» Toxic chemical exposure
» Trench collapses
» Trip and fall accidents
» Vehicle accidents
» Welding accidents

Ferrara Law offices, P.C. has represented a variety of different tradesman who suffered workplace injuries. The commitment to clients is a refusal-to-lose mantra with a work ethic to achieve the best possible results.  If you are a loved one was injured at work construction accident, Call Ferrara Law Offices P.C. for a free consultation.