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Needing a lawyer is something most people never consider until they are faced with true or perceived catastrophe. Selecting the right lawyer can be a difficult task and selecting the wrong lawyer can be disastrous. Therefore, you should always be mindful of your prospective lawyer’s experience, areas of concentration and ability to advocate your legal position.

Unlike the general practitioner, attorney Robert F. Ferrara is a trial lawyer who limits his involvement to cases in which resolution of the conflict will invariably involve courtroom battles and/or intensive pretrial preparation. As a trial lawyer, attorney Robert F. Ferrara principally participates in catastrophic serious injury claims, involving complex subject matters and sophisticated damages, and criminal defense litigation.

The selection of a trial lawyer is a serious decision. Robert F. Ferrara has proven experience and results in participating in complex multi-million dollar lawsuits, thinking outside the proverbial box and using the law to craft justice. Significantly, most complex litigation handled by Robert F. Ferrara is generally referred by past clients and other lawyers, all of whom have witnessed a relentless advocate who simply refuses to lose.

If your case or potential case does not fit within the criteria of the firm’s practice, and the cases accepted, Robert F. Ferrara, through his experience and professional network, will most likely be capable of placing you with other highly qualified lawyers and law firms who may be a more suitable fit.

Ferrara Law Offices invites all prospective clients to take advantage of a free no-obligation consultation so that you can make an informed, well thought-out decision in the selection of your attorney.

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